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NASA Rocket Garden


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This project is based on the NASA Rocket Garden at the Kennedy Space Center. It features seven of the rockets on display there, at a scale of 1:110 which matches the Saturn V set.

The set uses a 32x32 baseplate with a compact layout similar to that at the Space Center. There are ten display pads, seven have been used for the rockets in this project but the remaining three could be used to display your own 1:110 space projects or even to display the Capsule and LEM you may already own.

The rockets are:

  • Mercury - Redstone
  • Mercury - Atlas
  • Gemini - Titan II
  • Juno 1
  • Juno II
  • Atlas - Agena
  • Thor - Delta

In total the set is made up from 680 pieces with 350 making up the Garden plate and 330 for the seven rockets. There are a large number of small pieces in the set. For my test build I have used two paper wraps for the markings on the rockets but these would be stickers or printed pieces in the actual set.

This project is a development of my Mercury and Gemini project which I posted 6 months ago. Details of those rockets can be found in that project's description and updates. Adding the garden and four unmanned rockets felt like too big a change to just call it an update. Details of the four new unmanned rockets will appear as updates to this project.

Thank you to everyone who has supported my other other NASA projects and hopefully its showing LEGO that there is an potential market for more 1:110 scale rocket sets. In addition to the Mercury and Gemini project I also have the NASA Crawler-Transporter and  NASA Skylab projects - please check out their updates sections.

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