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NASA: Skylab


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History: In 1973 NASA launched Skylab, the USA's first orbital space station. Unfortunately the launch did not go smoothly and a huge panel designed to protect the orbital workshop from micrometeorites and solar radiation ripped off, taking one of the wing solar panels with it and jamming the other. Once in orbit the loss of the panel meant that sunlight heated the exposed skin of the station and raised the temperature inside to an uninhabitable level.

The first crew’s flight to the station was delayed whilst the NASA Marshall’s engineers determined what could be done to save the station. Part of the plan involved the design and manufacture of a heat shade from a less than 0.1mm thick spacesuit material which could be packed small enough to travel in the Command/Service Module and be deployed by the astronauts.

When the astronauts arrived they were able to fit the heat shade, and free the remaining jammed wing solar panel. They went on to complete their planned 28 day stay in Skylab and achieved all of their mission objectives. Two further missions visited the station.

In 1979 Skylab fell back to Earth, with some large pieces surviving re-entry and landing in Western Australia.

This set allows you to build one of three versions of Skylab.

1. In launch configuration with a payload shroud

2. As designed an undamaged station with two wing solar panels and micrometeorite shield

3. The damaged station with just one wing solar panel and a heat shade.

The set contains 423 parts and is built to a scale of 1:110, which is the same as the LEGO Saturn V set. The model is a stand-alone set but I have included a display stand in keeping with the Saturn V so it would not look out of place next to it. The model is also fully compatible with the Saturn V set and the launch configuration model can replace the third stage.

The set should include a Capsule but as the design would be identical to the one in the Saturn V sets I have shown it in red. The Capsule can dock at either of the docking ports.

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