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Boeing 737-800

This is another of my lego aircrafts. The 737 is the best selling aircraft up to date, and this version is buyable in design by me/LDD. It comes in a number of different design interiors (with either 6 seats or 8, depending on configuration: 1 Business, 2 eco+ 3 economy, 2 business, 4 economy or 8 economy). The biggest problem is to give the aircraft a 737 shape, pilot's don't fit in the cockpit. But a part from that, it is a sturdy model, which is very fun to play with (I've been playing with this model since 2004, even if it has gone a few changes since then). A few secrets of the model are the baggage compartment in the tail section (the tail section lifts easily revealing it) and the engine details.

Here are my 7 built 737s (plus 2 modified versions of the latest lego passenger plane). Notice some of the 737s have doors, it's and option that can add realism to the model.

And here are 3 of the built models. The first one was ordered on LDD, while the other 2 are from my personal lego collection. Notice the doors on the furthest one.

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