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Walking Probe Launcher



Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing, the Walking Probe Launcher. Begin...

Let me begin this brief oratory; if you're building a walker, make it ambulatory -

Make it a piece that the folk can go to see the functional power of the PF Motor.

This hexapod has the gears inside her, and a rack on the back for a spy-plane glider.

But having enough of this idle talk? Check the vid and watch a walker walk:

Now you've seen the walker strutting its stuff, don't ask 'Should I click?' but 'Am I clicking enough?'

The power of the walker: Mighty.  Another great set, designed in Blighty.

We're talking walker power - don't ignore it, or you'll find yourself dropped like you stopped mid-orbit.

We're bringing the pain to the rough terrain, with a custom six-legged powertrain.

Walkers and spaceships - living it large; going back to a future where Benny's in charge,

All male-crews can run and hide as the orange Space Ladies represent their side.

Nothing archival, this is survival, leading the Classical Spatial Revival -

If you need recon, this is your answer. And half the money goes straight to Cancer... err... Research.

Thank you very much.


Again, thanks for reading this far. I hope you want to see this project turned into a set as much as I do, so please pledge your support. At least half of my proceeds will be going to charity. I'll keep it updated with new information as and when the numbers grow. I would just urge you, in support, not simply to click the cheapest price bracket as this is never going to get made if we don't all appreciate that it's more than a $50 set. As it stands it's probably worth $100, maybe more, but I'll be looking into re-designs to try to bring the cost down below $90 as we go.

I will say now that it's a surprisingly simple and strong walking mechanism. Despite two extra legs it's easier to construct and align than any four-legged walker. And it's all driven by a single M-Motor. But we can discuss that more in the comments.

And thanks to Jeremy Williams for letting me take a photograph inside his amazing hangar model. (Note that Jeremy's work does not form part of this project).

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Let's make some SPACE!
JJ Railton, 4th March 2015

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