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Lego Bookends


Additional hiding spots! Project edit happening in two weeks!

I've added more hidden drawers... this time on the left side of the bookends! The back cover of the book on the left can now be easily removed. Behind it, you will find two locked drawers.

A new key is included that can be used to remove the "locking" bricks from the back of the green book.

When either of the locks is pulled out the corresponding drawer will be able to be opened. (There is an upper drawer and a lower drawer).

Once the drawers are returned to their original positions and the locking bricks put back in place you can return the cover to its original position and rest easy knowing your valuables will be safe!


Personalized book titles!

Another option for improving these bookends would be to include tiles with letters on them so people can design their own book titles. Based on the tiles I had available (see the first update) I asked for suggestions for other titles for the black book. One user obliged with his name :) If you have suggestions for a title using the letters I have, leave them in the comments and I might do another update!


New idea for the key drawer

I had an idea for an improvement to the drawer that hides the secret key. I built the impression of a leather band around the blue book with the hopes that it makes the drawer less noticeable. 


1000 Supporters!

Thank you all so much for the support on this project!! If you want to play a game, here are the letters I have available to me for a title on the black book...

edit: the option to upload pictures is back!


Let me hear your best suggestions for book titles!

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