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Lego Bookends


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Two years ago I came up with the idea for Lego Bookends that included a bonus hiding spot - a secret safe. While my first round didn't make the cut, I thought it was worth trying again. 

These bookends are both functional and decorative - designed in a way to minimize the amount of bricks needed but still be sturdy enough to hold books in between them. I love functional and decorative sets as they give me a great excuse to decorate my house with LEGO. The best part about these bookends... there are three separate hidden drawers for hiding your treasures. To open the first safe, just turn around the books on the right. A small drawer can be pulled out of the back of the blue book. This drawer contains a key that is used to open up the book safe on the right side of the bookends. The last book on the right has a small keyhole on the bottom, hidden from view for maximum security. All you have to do is insert the key to pop open the hidden drawer! On the other side, you can easily remove the back cover of the last book on the left. Another key is included that can be used to remove two “locking” bricks from the back of the green book. When either of these locks are pulled out you will be able to pull out the corresponding drawer. Once the drawers have been returned to their positions and the locks put back in place, you can place the cover back on the book and rest easy knowing your valuables have been hidden. The second key can be displayed with bookends or hidden away in your desk or nightstand. While a LEGO safe may be easy to take apart, this one is secure because no one will know it is a safe. It's called "security by obscurity" and it is a very effective way to hide your valuables.

I included one minifig with this set that can be displayed with the bookends. I chose a detective due to my love of mystery and thrillers. Possibly a few minifigures could be included that represent different literary themes (a Knight, or a princess, or a science fiction super solider)

Also, this set presents a great opportunity for some Lego puns for the names of the books. Since I designed this in real life I don't have stickers to use for titles but please feel free to suggest some clever titles in the comments!

As a bookworm myself, I love being able to combine two of my favorite hobbies, and I believe there are many like me who would love to own this set. If you are one of them, I would be grateful for your support and any efforts you make to share this creation with your family and friends. 

Thank you!

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