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The Ice Cream Parlor


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The Ice Cream Parlor

This is a modular building containing an ice cream shop on the ground floor and an apartment in the two floors. The building consists of a brick facade with large windows. Behind the house is still a garbage can. On the sidewalk there is a lantern and a tree.

In the ice cream shop there are two ice machines for chocolate and strawberry varieties. There is also a counter with cupboards. It is possible to buy the ice cream on the way, or to eat it directly in the restaurant. This consists of several tables with chairs, as well as a patterned floor and lamps.

The apartment starts on the first floor. There is a detailed kitchen with an oven, a stove, various cabinets, a microwave and a sink. There is a table with three chairs next to it. There is also a small balcony and a small flower bed. A chic spiral staircase leads to the second floor.

On the second floor there is a bedroom and a bathroom. The bedroom has a large bed and a wardrobe that can be opened. A pane can be postponed to ventilate. The bathroom has a toilet and a sink. Another staircase leads to the roof of the building.

The building can be connected to the modular buildings of the Lego Expert series.

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