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Spirited Away

 Enter the fantastical world of “Spirited Away”, the academy-award winning animation by Studio Ghibli.
 The set features the iconic “Bath house” from the animation, with 8 unique rooms showcasing memorable scenes from the story:

- Help Kajima keep the baths warm in the Boiler room

- Ride dragon Haku through the night sky

- Revisit the iconic train scene with Chihiro and No face

- Enter Yubaba’s office, but beware of any contract from the witch

- Have a rice-ball in the beautiful garden with Haku

- Join No face’s big feast! Watch out for its growing mouth and appetite

- Encounter the Radish Spirit in the bath-house elevator

- Meet the grateful River Spirit, showing a big smile after being freed from pollution

Each room can be separated from the main bath-house model for better accessibility and play.
The set includes 3 minifigures and 6 brick-built characters!
- Chihiro in T-shirt (minifigure)
- Haku human form (minifigure)
- Chihiro/ Sen in uniform (minifigure)
- No face (two versions)
- Haku dragon form
- Kajima the boiler room master
- Yubaba the witch
- Radish Spirit

Total piece count: 2612

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