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USPS Post Office

This model is a USPS post office. It includes the post office, which has a lobby, P.O. boxes a counter and storage area. It also has two USPS mail trucks. I built this because we live right near a USPS post office and I thought it would be a great thing to turn into a Lego set.

The Post Office
The post office includes a mailbox out front and a USPS logo on the door. Through the front door there is a lobby with P.O. boxes on the right and through another door is the counter where you can drop off packages and a rack of packing materials for sale. Through a hallway behind the counter is a room where packages are readied for shipping and stored until shipped. Also, on the back of the building is a loading dock for the mail trucks. There is also a mail dolly to transport mail from the building to the truck.

The Mail Trucks
This build includes two USPS mail trucks. Both trucks have USPS logos on them and have opening backs that reveal mail storage.

Please Support
If you liked this build and would like it to be a set, please support, share and look at my other builds. Also, if you have any questions or feedback, please comment and let's get this to 10,000 as quickly as possible!

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