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Goblin Shipwreck

The waves wash around the ship, bouncing up the sides. The captain screeches in terror, knowing the terrible fate he will inevitably endure. The boat crashes into the deserted island, breaking the ship into driftwood rubble. The goblin of the ship still stands in the ruins today, waiting to be rescued.

Welcome to my latest Lego Ideas creation: the Goblin Shipwreck.

The minifigure of this set is new from the series 24 minifigures. I designed this ship to be especially broken down and dilapidated which fits the tough, flagitious look the goblin gives off. I also made sure to make detail and thought out every part of this project, even the back side. These details help create a creepy mood for the build, such as the skeleton body off to the sides, or the snake that is creeping in the cracks of the shipwreck, or even the flag with a skeleton imprinted onto it. Additionally, some other details in this build include the crab, the anchor, the seaweed growing on the ship near the flag, and the barrel full of tools that were once used on the ship.

I built this project because Lego has never made a mini-build specific to a minifigure from one of their series, and I think it would make a great promo or even an actual set. In addition, this set was extremely fun to build and it would make a great building experience if Lego turned it into a set. There wasn't any repetition, it was cool to see how it came together, and it wouldn't be over-expensive for people to buy. Also, my creation even includes a small section of the build with an interesting building technique where parts are slanted in order to create the broken look of the shipwreck.

Support, and maybe someday this set will become a reality!

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