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This is my model of a modular Library.

It's a big library building with a motorway and a sidewalk in front of it. The back of the building is open so you can see the entire interior. This feature was made for better playability. The inside of the model has a ground floor, a first floor and the rooftop. There is a stairway to the first floor. This model comes with 7 minifigures.

I thought of an Idea to make that wasn't really there yet. A library popped up in my head. LEGO never released a Library before. On LEGO Ideas were a few people why made Library's so I thought: why not give it a try?

This would be a good LEGO set because it fits perfectly with the other modular buildings that LEGO released.

I hope you'll like it, I did my best to make it come to life as detailed as I could.

Let me know what you think! :)

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