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Project: Tiger Shark


Finally to finish my mechanical shark army, I am glad to present Project: Tiger Shark. This mech is the third and final mech after Project: Great White and takes it's name from the medium sized shark that lives in hot areas. This mech is based of a more humanoid look than the other mechs I made in the past, because this is a tiger shark, logically had to make its slightly smaller. Highly possible and agile,this mech will l make the competition bites the dust!

This mech has a large hand with working fingers on his right side and a sound canon with a shark missile on his left side and little canons on his head. The shark used for the head is a 5 inch rare shark made by Lego around 2009. This model also includes a smaller shark that operates a small mech that holds a giant mini-gun (for his size) and a laser canon.

I made this for fun, this mech is not based of any movie. It's just some that I wanted to make and share and I really like it, I hope that you are also interested in this mech and in my other mechs was well. Its sad for me to end this series,but more project will be on the way and I will try to make them better. A lot of time and designing when into this project so if you're reading this far you can give yourself a pat on the back!

Be sure to check out my other projects and a support would be really appreciated!

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