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Old Town Docks


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I present to you my Old Town Docks creation. I was inspired initially by the Old Fishing Store, but have a fond deep love any and all coastal regions. The aesthetic is just amazing, so I wanted to do something inspired by that entire theme.

Included in this set:
5 Minifigs
Modular Fishing Boat
Dock build
Crab trap and crab
Working boat crane
Fishing rods and tools
....and of course, fish

When I started designing this it was only the boat, which I added more and more detail to. I wanted to make is distinguishable as a fishing boat, but I also wanted to keep it a tad more simple for playability for younger kids. 

The docks came much later in the design, and went through several differnt designed before settling on this build I present to you. I tried to sneak in little details like the broken crab trap and an escaping crab under the docks.

I think this would be a great set for anyone who collects coastal type themes. It would fit in and easily on anyone's beach! Let me know what you think, and thank you in advanced for any and all support.

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