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I am very happy to present you my newest creation: T-Rex.

Since I was a child, I am fascinated by dinosaurs and that's why I decided to create my favorite character.

This model was very difficult to create, because you should immediately see that it is a Tyrannosaurus Rex. All in all, it was a very big challenge to represent all the details and proportions correctly. 

Especially the skull of the T-Rex was very difficult to design. The skull can be rotated and tilted in all directions with a ball joint. And, of course, the lower jaw can be opened. 

To prevent the T-rex from collapsing, it is supported by two transparent pillars. 

In my opinion, it's a great new set, because such a model does not exist yet and you will have a lot of fun to create it :)

If you like this model I would be very happy about your support.
Here you can find my Modular Old Winter Villa: 


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