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Modular Old Winter Villa


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Modular Old Winter Villa
In the deepest winter stands this very old large villa. It is surrounded by many snow-capped pine trees and a small lake which has already been frozen. Into the small lake is a fragile old wooden bridge.

The Villa was the biggest challenge, because it should look old and on the other hand also beautifully snow-covered. Besides, I have long considered how I can well represent that the walls of the villa in some places already begin to crumble and the plaster goes off. That's why I used the "Profile Brick 1x2" for the best effect. In addition, the oblique and bent projected balconies provide for the age of the model.
 Also the individual roof segments were quite difficult to shape from the angle that the respective plates withstand well without large gap.
Furthermore, the villa consists of three storeys, each of which can be removed. On the left side of the model is the large fireplace chimney arranged and around are many small bulges, which make the set beautifully varied.
I think that this set will be a lot of fun, because the many different elements between the villa and the landscape with the firs provide a nice change.
In my opinion this set is ideal for the series Expert or Exclusive. Especially in the winter series it would fit very well.
Here are some data about the model:
• 9 snow covered pine trees
• 2658 parts
• 2 entrances to the villa
• 1 minifigur
• 1 small lake with the footbridge

If you like this model I would be very happy about your support.

Thank you

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