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A Champion in the Making!


For the first time in 8 years in Formula 1, there is a serious challenger to the lone top team. We haven't experienced such an exciting championship in ages. In fact, it looks like things will remain tense until the end of the season, with neither of the leading drivers willing to give in. One experienced driver, aiming for the all-time record of 8 championships, and one young driver with his mind set on winning his first. Both, extremely talented and passionate, representing a battle between two generations.

The young challenger is called Max Verstappen and his car, the Red Bull RB16B, is powered by Honda.

One of Max’s most epic victories is his winning race in Zandvoort during the Formula 1 Dutch Grand Prix in 2021. For the first time in 36 years, a Formula 1 event was organized in the Netherlands. Under the enormous pressure of very high expectations, Max managed to drive his Bull to a sovereign victory in front of his home crowd.

The minifigure scale model consists out of 273 parts and commemorates this amazing feat by displaying Max Verstappen, his Red Bull RB16B, his special Zandvoort helmet and the Zandvoort 2021 trophy. 

Well let's run some numbers and I really want to emphasize I’m being very conservative here:

Choose a small country at random, let’s say for instance the Netherlands. This country has a population of 17.5 million people. Now, I could babble on about some more boring numbers, but let me show you the demographics in some pie charts. Those charts are always cool and work well in pitching ideas:

Doing some incredibly in comprehensive math while combining these charts, we get a forecast of 16.5 million sets sold in only one of the smallest countries in the world! This makes it a very sound business decision to produce this set, especially when you project these numbers globally.

All you have to do now is support this fantastic idea!

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