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Who Framed Roger Rabbit: ACME Factory


The Final Day

Thank you to everyone who supported this idea. Today is the last day this idea will be on ideas, and it is clear that it will not reach 1,000 supporters. However, during this time I have started the remodel of the Idea. Multiple aspects of the model have already been changed, most notably the minifigures. I have figured out how to make proper custom prints, being able to make far more accurate minifigures and details within the ACME Factory. I am not sure when the updated model will be done, but I have provided a teaser for what to expect. Thanks for making the idea go this far!


One Week Left

There is only one week left for this idea to get 1,000 supporters, which would take a miracle to happen. However, do not worry about this Idea being 'dipped'. I plan to resubmit this idea with multiple changes made to the set as soon as I can. I have a list of changes I plan to make:
  • Updated Interior
  • Updated Minifigures
  • Minor exterior changes
  • And more?

I would like to thank all of the supporters who made the idea go this far. This is still my most supported idea ever, and I believe it is too good to give up.

That's all Folks!


500 Supporters!

This project made it to 500 supporters! Although this project will not reach 1,000 supporters unless a miracle happens, I am happy this project made it half-way through. To those wondering, I will resubmit it if it does not reach the 1,000 supporter goal, but I would make changes to the model first.

Thank you for the support!


The Most Supported "Who Framed Roger Rabbit Set"

With 476 Supporters, this idea is currently the most supported "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" project ever! This ties the record with @szabolego's idea and is still going! 500 supporters is definitely possible, but I am not sure about the 1,000 supporter milestone. I want to thank all people who supported this project as I never thought I would make it this far. Spread word of the idea and let's see how much farther we can make it! P-P-P-P-Please?


Roger is back!!!

In the new "Chip n' Dale: Rescue Rangers" movie trailer, Roger Rabbit has a cameo! As well as the film having a similar setting of the film, it looks like Disney is recognizing "Who Framed Roger Rabbit"! Hopefully more people find out about the classic and this idea through the movie and brink back it's relevance and importance to film.


400 Supporters!

We have made it to the 400 supporter mark! We are now 76 supporters away from becoming the most supported "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" idea, and 100 supporters away from the halfway mark to 1k supporters! This project has gone far without the use of social media sharing, and I am proud of it. Thank you all for supporting, and please share it with others!


350 Supporters!

We are getting closer to becoming the most supported "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" submission on Ideas. Unfortunately with the pace this project is going, I am not sure if this project will even hit 1k supporters. But it makes me glad that I was able to get the Idea this far having no way to advertise it. If you want to advertise the project, then go right on ahead! No need to ask me, just your support is enough for me.



300 Supporters!

I'd like to thank everyone who supported this idea for making it this far! Although I am not sure if this project will reach 1000 supporters, 300 with little to no advertising is certainly impressive. With the pace of supporters, I could see this being the most supported "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" set on Ideas. In fact, one day there was a spike of 13 supporters (laughable to 10k members) out of nowhere. I do have some ideas planned on how to update some of the builds, primarily the interior and Smarty, and I will get to it whenever I can. But remember to share this idea to others.

Thanks for the support!


A Big Feat.

Yesterday, this idea has reached it's 255th supporter. This may not seem much at an initial glance, but that number means that this Idea is the second most supported "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" idea ever!

The idea that initially held the second place title was @ale_x_87, with "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" and expired with 254 supporters in 2014. They even had a YouTube video to go with it, which managed to get 29,000 views!

With all this talk about the second most supports for a "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" idea, who currently has the most supported idea? That would be no other than @szabomate90, the creator of the Steamboat Willy idea. Their idea, also called "Who Framed Roger Rabbit", managed to get 476 supporters before it expired. And also like the previous idea, also had a YouTube video. However, this video only got 7,000 views.

So why am I bringing this up? Simply put, I want to see this idea be the most supported "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" idea on this platform! Obviously having a social media account would help me, but I stay away from that for multiple reasons. Not to mention although support on this Idea has stagnated, it seems like with how much time is left on the idea, this might be able to take the title.

That isn't to say that this idea can't spread through social media though. Some of my supporters, like @Jayro, have spread word of this idea, including a YouTube video telling people to support this idea! (The video uses the OG model before all the updates).

If anyone wants to spread word of this idea, go right on ahead! You don't need to ask me to spread word of an idea you really like. I learned getting to 10k supporters is no easy feat, so starting of small is a good way to start. To all the supporters who supported this set, thank you!


250 Supporters! A Quarter of the Way There!

Thank you all for 250 supporters! We are now a quarter of the way to reaching the 1000 supporter mark! Obviously, I have learned that getting to 10k supporters is no easy feat, so I hope more people can support this project. I may not have photoshop to improve the background nor a social media account to spread word of this idea, but I am still happy with this build. If any of you know people who would gladly support this idea, let them know! Every support matters, and the best way to get more is to show people. Thank you!

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