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Tiny Technic House

First Tiny Technic House

I made this house to educate little Kids who are new to Technic builds. They can slowly learn step by step the techniques which are required for Lego Technic. It combines the basic Technic bricks which are mostly used in Technic models (Liftarms, Pins, Axles and connectors).
This model can be built from bottom to top and i also designed the instructions as part of the education which means the skill level starts with easy and is getting moderate at the end. Also the pages are designed like that to get into different Lego Technic build instructions.

I made this model cause my son got a Technic model from the small John Deere tractor(42136) and he started to struggle with a view steps. He is seven and i thought now is the time to introduce him Lego Technic. But in the middle of the build he got tired and did not want to build Lego Technic anymore.
Only Lego Minecraft and Creator could satisfy his needs.
I wanted to change that so I built a small Lego Technic house and made instructions for him so he can improve his skills.

He was very interested cause he liked the design of this little house. And after he finished this build he wanted more so I thought this could also be interesting for other kids to improve there skills.

Model dimensions are:
Studs: 8.1 x 7.3 x 9.2
Centimeters: 6.4 x 5.8 x 7.3
Total parts: 119
Different parts: 15

I really want to get this house really as a Lego set cause Lego Technic need to expand.
Now is the time to get kids more into Technic!

Please support my work and lets get our kids run the universe and show them all of the diversity we with and this includes all Lego themes too!!!

Thank you!

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