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Brick Boulevard

Welcome to Brick Boulevard, a different modular expansion for your city. If you are a lover of modular buildings and trains, this is your option.

My favorite LEGO theme is modular buildings and as a fan I suggest additions that can increase the gameplay possibilities without affecting the standard dimensions.

In this case, I suggest a building that raises the height of the sidewalk and the ground, giving space to the suburban train, which with similar modular buildings could unify a tunnel route and another vision in the city.

The London Underground is famous for its trains, for its large number of railway lines and for its logo that is seen in many parts of the world as a decorative or merchandising element. Brick Boulevard is the name of this station invented for this project and inside we will see a small tribute to a brick.

The model has a station that simulates the subway, two buildings of two heights and a conceptual train of the London Underground. In the apartments, there are place to sleep, eat and read among other things. It is a quiet residential neighborhood and eager to join new neighbors.

This is my suggestion in 3,000 pieces where the most difficult part has been to distribute that number of pieces to get the addition of another baseplate (16x32) to the model. For everything else, I hope you like the project.

Thank you so much!


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