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Wild Kratts Tortuga


This is the Tortuga from the Wild Kratts T.V. show. I've been working on this for quite some time and it would be cool set for anyone to own. Here are some of the features it includes:


  • Opening side and removable top for easy access
  • Access ramp for Createrra to fit inside (and tool storage)
  • Removable head/ neck and rotating legs for lockdown mode
  • Opening cockpit


  • Aviva (with helmet and extending arm backpack)
  • Martin (with creature power suit)
  • Chris (with creature power suit)
  • Jimmy Z (with hat, controller and pizza)
  • Koki
  • Zach Varmitech

Extra Items:

  • Miniaturizer (with mini Martin and Chris)
  • Mini Amphisub
  • Guineafowl Flapper
  • Creature power discs
  • Createrra
  • Buzz Bikes
  • Cheetah Racer
  • 3 Zach bots
  • Variety of tools

The Tortuga is made from 1,667 pieces, and the entire set has a total of 2,068 pieces.

Please support to make this a set that everyone will enjoy.


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