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Lars Homestead



For the first time ever, relive the moments where it all began, back on the Lars Homestead! Luke has long tired of his home on a Tatooine moisture farm and is eager to get out and explore the galaxy, like many of his friends are doing. However his Uncle Owen needs him. That all changes when the Lars purchase a few droids and set into motion events that will change the entire galaxy . . . Includes everything you need to recreate the most exciting scenes from the beginning of A New Hope!

*Recommended mini-figures: Luke Skywalker, Owen Lars, Beru Lars, Biggs Darklighter (in his Tatooine garb, as seen in the deleted scene), R2-D2, C-3PO, WED Treadwell repair droid, and 2 sandtroopers . . . Even includes Leia's hologram!

*Would be intended as a display set and a playset. Stud-shooters could be included for children to imagine out what would happen if Luke (and maybe Biggs) were there to help Owen and Beru fight back against the attacking Imperials.

*Contains roughly 700 pieces and the estimated cost is $80. Various things could be cut out to reduce the price. The duneback could be cut to drop the cost by about $10, the young Bantha would cut the price by about $10, and the Sandspeeder getting cut (likely, considering one was just released) would drop the price by about $15. The core pieces of the set, the entrance to the homestead, the droid, and the moisture vaporator could be kept for a $30-50 set. 

*Check out higher quality pics on my Flickr page!

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