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Space Shuttle Launch Complex

Based and scaled on the Lego model 10213 (or 10231) my project includes all the NASA launch complex 39 A, sited at Kennedy Space Center, Florida.
In includes the shuttle crawler transporter, variuos technical vehicles, and the complete launch tower. The mobile element of the tower (left) rotates and fits perfect to the shuttle. The tower has also a lot of movable parts like service arms and connection finger to let the astronauts enter the shuttle.
Please see other pictures at:
Space shuttle launch complex at MOCpages
Space shuttle launch complex at Brickshelf
Space shuttle crawler transporter at MOCpages
Space shuttle crawler transporter at Brickshelf

Due to the big number of pieces, maybe Lego could release it in different modular set, to be released one per year, ex: the crawler transporter; the launch tower; the rotating service structure.

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