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Swiss Electric Crocodile Locomotive (SBB CE 6/8)


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Here is my third project for Lego Ideas.

This is my version of the SBB CE 6/8 Electric Locomotive, called the Swiss Crocodile.

Crocodile or "Krokodil" electric locomotives are so called because they have long "noses" at each end, reminiscent of the snout of a crocodile. These contain the motors and drive axles, and are connected by an articulated center section. The center section usually contains the crew compartments, pantographs and transformer. The name was first applied to Swiss locomotives.

These locomotives, built between 1919 and 1927, were developed for pulling heavy goods trains on the steep tracks of the Gotthardbahn from Lucerne to Chiasso, including the Gotthard Tunnel.

The electric motors available at the time were large and had to be body-mounted above the plane of the axles, but flexibility was required to negotiate the tight curves on the Alpine routes and tunnels. An articulated design, with two powered nose units bridged with a pivoting center section containing cabs and the heavy transformer, met both requirements and gave excellent visibility from driving cabs mounted safely away from any collision. The two motors in each nose unit were geared to a jackshaft between the drive axles farthest from the cab, with side rods carrying the power to the drivers. These locomotives were highly successful and served until the 1980s.

The model includes interesting snot solutions and many details that make it similar to the original one. In the LDD screenshots you can see the glass that i originally use, but in the Pov Ray render I must substitute it with 4 windows because this part is new and he can't find it.

Being a digital project, I am not sure that it can work with Power Functions Motor.

Includes more than 900 parts and two minifigures. I think it is a must have for any train lover, for any collector (probably near the Emerald Night), but also it is a very beautiful toy that will give you time of good building.

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