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Wright Flyer


The Wright Flyer

Nowadays the Wright Flyer doesn't need much of an introduction anymore. The monumental feat of being the first powered heavier-than-air aircraft which made a succesful flight is widely known throughout the world.

Kitty Hawk, December 17th, 1903:
Orville Wright took control of the aircraft for its first flight and covered a distance of 120 feet in 12 seconds. Allthough this doesn't sound like much, the acheivement marks the beginning of the pioneer era of aviaton!

Project information:

Piececount         - 1234
Width                   - 17.0 inches / 43.2 centimeters 
Length                 - 12.1 inches / 30.8 centimeters
Height                  - 11.7 inches / 29.7 centimeters

For this project I wanted to create an awesome display piece which would look good in any setting. After giving it a long and hard thought of what to make, I decided it should be an iconic vehicle. A world first. Shortly after the Wright Flyer sprung to mind and I started designing.

To my horror I found out during rendering the final images the Flyer had already been created by TLG in 2003. Serves me right for not doing adequate research prior to the design stage. However since almost 18 years have past since its release and I still am quite happy with my rendition of the Wright Flyer, I do want to share this project with you.

Thanks in advance for all your support!