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Golden Trumpet Tree With Park Bench



Wow! Five hundred supporters! That’s 499 more supporters than I was expecting to get.

Just 9.500 more and maybe my little tree becomes a official Lego set! If things continue to go well, I’ll have a shot at the September review window. Fingers crossed.

So thank you every body! I really am. And a big thank you to all of those who left beautiful comments. I really like reading them.



A big THANK YOU to every supporter!

You know, when I decided to lunch this IDEAS project I really didn't have any hope of it been successful. A simple tree, with a simple bench, with no action feature, on any IP... But the support so far has been incredible and I would like to thank every single one of you who contributed to this.

Maybe my project has a chance after all!

So thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Just 9.666 more supporters to go!


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