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X-Coaches from the 80's


Hi guys,

after a long time I'm back with a new Train (I made it in the beginnig of this year). This time it's a commuter train for short to medium distances.

At the front is a "BR 143" along with the "X-Wagen" (X-Coaches). This is the Version from the 80's which fits perfactly to my "ET 420" which is still up to support it. :)

This train is scratching on the 3000 brick-rule, it has 2909 bricks.

The locomotive has 2 control-tabels (you can see through it because there are no walls between them), and the coaches have seats in them as well and lights.

In real life this train isn't operatin anymore, but if you go to "Dortmund" you can see one in service in the new colors (Traffic red, Verkehrs-rot) but I don't know on wich route it is running. Mabe as a "S-Bahn" which is what you can read in the first line.

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