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British Bluebird K7


Physical work in progress

So a while ago I said I would pull together a physical prototype. Between holidays and some sadder events, I pulled together some parts but realised when I sat down to try the build that I didn't have everything I needed.

As my spare time is limited I decided to make do, and the deal is this. If I get an uptick in support, I'll try and source more colour accurate parts and enough parts to fully finish it. She's a big model as she stands and I do think she'd display well, but the rest is up to you! Thanks for looking in and do check out my other project!


Work in Progress

I was genuinely amazed to see how quickly I hit 100 and got extra time for this project. As the original 60 day period is nearly gone at time of writing, I just wanted to update you and thank you for your support.

I made myself a quiet promise that I would pull together a physical model if it did well and I've begun that process, and I will share the prototype when I'm a little further along. Colours are an issue but of course LEGO could remedy that if it gets made!

So for now, thanks again for your support, and please do share a link to the project if you know of anyone who might like it. Cheers.