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The Ski Jumping Hill


Happy Pride Month!



More details at Easter!

Since the wish for more details was expressed in the comments and there is still room for improvement in the details in the private feedback, I have decided to revise the ski jump again. In the back I added a quad bike and a man and two children with a snowman. I also added two wind flags and gave the waiting ski jumper a drinking bottle. Finally, I rendered the images in a higher resolution so that details like the squirrel are easier to see. How do you like the changes? Feel free to write me in the comments and keep sharing the project with your friends!


Thank you for 100 supporter!

Many, many thanks for cracking the 100 supporters! With this we have cracked the first milestone! I didn't think it would happen so quickly! Please continue to share the project with your friends, because only together we can do it!

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