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The Ski Jumping Hill

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You take a run-up, jump off and fly! It has always been a dream of mankind to fly and in ski jumping you come very close to it.
I built this ski jumping hill because I think ski jumping is a great sport that desperately deserves a LEGO set. I am a big ski jumping fan myself and would be very happy if this design was realised. My design works both as a play set and as a pure display set. I think this design is a must for all winter sports enthusiasts.
My ski jump consists of 2377 parts and stands on a small platform. There is also a coach as well as two ski jumpers, a helper and two children. The ski jump stands on a small hill in the forest and has a run-out with marked lines, a trainer's tower where you can wave off the ski jumpers, and the inrun, which rests on two steel girders. There is also a small equipment shed under the stairs that can be reached by car via a small gravel path. There, a helper is shovelling snow and two children are building a snowman. I designed the scenery as a small training hill in a snowy landscape where you can train in peace. 
I hope you like the project as much as I do and I can count on your support! If you like this project, please support it by clicking on the support button, and feel free to share it with your friends. I would also be happy if you write your suggestions for improvement in the comments.
P.S.: Do you find the squirrel?

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