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Bike Lanes


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Let's make Lego City a bicycle friendly city!
With new sets 60304 (Road Plates) and 60306 (Shopping Streets) Lego introduced a new way of looking at mobility in Lego City. Buildable and adjustable roads, bikes and even a cargo bike were introduced. So it's time to add to the next step in mobility: bike lanes that are wide enough to be safe to ride on and wide enough for a cargo bike. Built on the same template as the new Road Plates, so they can be easily combined to make Lego City a bike friendly city.
I've added some simple bike racks and a few different bikes, based on the standard lego bicycle. A bike with a child-seat, a bike with a crate on the front and a bike with bike-packing-bags. And a broken bike, that is being repaired by its rider, with a pump and some tools. The bike-locks are made of handcuffs and there are a few helmets for added safety. And the reduced speed limit (30 in stead of 50) and bikelane-road sign should help with that too.
But the real reason for this set are the bicycle-road plates. The Danish Blue color Lego chose for their bikelanes, with decals already in use for the Shopping Street-set. Wide enough for two-way traffic, to safely make room for all the bikes your Lego can build.

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