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Knight Industries 2000 "K.I.T.T." - Playable Car, Minifigures Team and Display Base


8 stud version - new Speed Champions 2020 format ready


As i promised, I completed an 8 stud version based on the new Speed Champions 2020 format. i'm still improving details tho.

It uses the new vehicle base taken used by lego for the official Speed Chmpions 2020 cars.

It may seem an easy model to do, but many work has been done to make the hood like it appears in the photo. The nose il inclined and cointains the white lights like in the "real" TV-car. A led is there to make the "scanner" light too, it switches on and off by pressing the hood, but I'm trying to insert a button somewhere else.

Interiors photo will follow tomorrow, in this last run to 1000 subs in a few days, I'll have to show all the secrets of this model. Everything is already done in my real model, it's just a metter of time to make a good presentation.

It is a two front - seat car (thanks to the Speed Champions base) but it also have 4x2 studs seat in the backseat, for an other minifigure and some accessories, or two minifig (not so comfortable anyway!).

The rims are from Speed Champions new cars too, and seems more close to the original car in my opinion, with the black in the center and the light grey border.

Since I had to stop during this Covid pandemia, I'm now in a hurry to give you the 3D model of this new version and new good photos with the Lego's standards they asks to be able to show them in the main page of the projects. I don't know if I'll be ready before the end of project's time here on Idea. I'm trying to. Please help to reach 1000 so the time will be extended and I'll be able to make a bigger update here. :P




Working on the hood and “nose”.

After some hours of work (I had no thought I'd spend so time on a single small car... probably the smallest a project is, more difficult become to represent the original model's details) I came out with this new version of the front part of KITT. As you can see it's way more streamlined, hood and the led are more proportionated and front lights more visibile. Let me know what you think :)

Images with led on and off. Sorry wrong pieces like the red one, I ran out of black slopes :)



New Speed Champions 2020 style (8 wide stud and new base) update.

New Version update! To fit the new Speed Champions 2020 series format I made a two (better say three) seats model, 8 stud wide with a light brick led. It's made with the new Speed Champions 2020 base piece so perfectly fit the new style. Here you are some images, I'll post mode "official" and better ones too.



Road to 200 (hope so) with some In Real Life Photos

While we travel to 200 supporters (at least, I hope so!), I thought that the project's images and the renders from the software may give KITT a thicker aspect than it is in real life. 

To be honest it was the same feeling I had the whole editing phase, but I was positively surprised to see how much the model was more "aerodynamic" and slim when assembled, compared to the project. 

So here you are some real life images so you can make an idea of the model.

hope you like them and SORRY for pics quality... very old phone owner here.


Thanks for your time!



Dusty front view :D




Bonus image: Michael brags about his car with other friends from 80's. Do you recognise them? :)



100! Thanks + some new images

We turbo-boosted to 100 supporters in three days. It's something I genuinely didn't expect.

I thank you all LEGO and Knight Rider for this, and give you some new images of the set. 

One is -the image explains itself- the LEGO "speed champions" KITT model turbo boosting in one of the iconic images from the original show. I'll leave here both the graphic editing and original render.

The other one is a pic to show you that, removing the rooftop, you can go "C-MODE" and pass to the cabrio version :)




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