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Knight Industries 2000 "K.I.T.T." - Playable Car, Minifigures Team and Display Base


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Being a fan of the original Knight Rider TV series, I couldn't miss the Michael Knight minifigure for LEGO Dimensions. But it wasn't enough, I wanted a car to play with my 4 years old son, and let him live the magic of that TV show.

I didn't find a KITT moc I really loved so i decided to make it by myself in a simil-speedchampions format which is, for me, the best balanced choice between minifigure scale and details possibilities. I designed the car with a 3D software and than physically assembled it to make sure it's solid and playable enough. 

Since every friend who came to my house and saw it suggested me to give it some more "importance" displaying it on a shelve, I made a display case in which the car seems parked sideways and lightly curved, than decided to add the entire team from the show. She front slope should have a custom print or sticker of the series title.

KITT and the figures are still easy to disconnect to the base, and play with so I can still play with my son and put them in their place when we finish.

Some other features:

- One minifigure can physically enter the car and correctly hold the steering weel, like any Speed Champions model.
- KITT is easy to build: with each step the user create a "block". The main three blocks merge together thanks to 2 technic pins for each side and create the model. Hood and tail's detail fix the blocks. 
- Interiors have computer details taken from existing LEGO pieces. Custom interior pieces or stickers would be even better.
- Highly playable car: it can resist to your "turbo boosts" jumps without going into pieces :)

Me and my son really like how the entire display came up ad hope you'll like it too! 


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