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Satisfactory Train

This idea is based on the train from the game Satisfactory. Satisfactory is a first-person open-world factory building game where you unlock lots of different things as you progress, including a train.

The train in game runs on a wide monorail, so I made some slight adjustments to the design to fit the standard LEGO train track, as well as use the normal train base piece (92088). One of my favourite features of the Satisfactory train is the set of air brakes on the roof, so I tried to incorporate these as a play feature in the locomotive - simply push on a small Technic beam and watch as all six air brakes pop up. The cab also features a removable roof for easy minifigure access. The battery box is concealed in one of the freight cars, and you can see the light of the battery through the grille pieces.

I think this would make a great set, not only for fans of the game but also fans of LEGO trains. The play value would make it a fun and enjoyable set for kids (and grown-ups like me), and the bright colours and details would also make it a lovely display model.

Thank you for checking out my idea and if you like it, then please consider supporting. :)

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