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Medieval Garden



Castle is my favourite LEGO theme. I think that this theme has a creative potential that can be indefinitely expanded. The “Medieval Market Village” (10193) and “Kingdoms Joust” (10223) are two great creative examples, describing different moments of medieval life.

My Medieval Garden is a tribute to the Kingdoms sub-theme and recreates “with bricks” another aspect of medieval life. The core of this small set (630 parts) is represented by a gazebo and a fountain. Around these elements I developed the rest of the set, that includes nine minifigures.

I used the colours red and white typical of the Kingdoms style, enriched by gold and dark blue details. Lots of activity thrives in this set: noble ladies and noblemen are chatting, drinking and playing games while a jester and a minstrel, with his flute, are entertaining our guests.

I only can imagine how well this set could fit next to the “Kingdoms Joust” (10223) set and the “King's Castle” (7946) and you?


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