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A Country House

A County House is a three story, 2,296 piece house, with a property containing eight fruit trees, a flower bed, and a pumpkin and carrot patch. There is a stone walkway going up to the front of the house, with two other walkways leading to the flowerbed and the pumpkin and carrot patch.
The inside first floor is a kitchen and dining room, with an adjoining reading room with a grandfather clock, bookcase, and a chair.
The second floor is two bedrooms. A kid's bedroom with a bed and dresser with a comb and a mirror. The second bedroom has a bed and a dresser with two combs and a mirror. There are curtains on the windows in the bedrooms.
The third floor is the living room. It includes: a coffee table with flowers, a writing table, piano, a sofa, and a chair. Next to the chair is a small table with a coffee cup and a cupcake. On the other side is a bookcase, with assorted volumes, including Moby Brick.

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