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Majestic Falls


The real life set!

The intent of this project from the start was to design something that was interesting to me and I would be proud to showcase in my home office. After months of design and another handful of months collecting all the necessary parts I finally built the Majestic Falls set! It came out amazing and is full of color and details. It is a real eye catcher and hard to walk past without taking a peek and finding something new and interesting in the scene. Enjoy taking in the details and wildlife!


Winter Wonderland

With the weather turning colder and many places around the world seeing snow fall, it was time to convert Majestic Falls from Fall to Winter. Gone are the bright reds, oranges, yellows, and greens. They have been replaced by a blanket of white snow.

Converting Majestic Falls from season to season is a way to keep this showpiece interactive, relevant, and intriguing.


Additional Detail

This update contains a couple new detailed features to the scene.
  • Mushrooms
  • Rock Stacking
  • More flowering plants, new style of plant and a couple additional fallen leaves


We hit 100!!

Thank you all for helping me reach 100!

I am working on some small updates which I will release soon.

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