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Majestic Falls

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This set features a beautiful flowing waterfall, river, mountains, hiking trail, climbing ladders, and fall foliage. All of the trees are configurable and moveable so the scene can be configured to your liking. There are four different tree types and a total of six trees. There is also some wildlife throughout the scene. Comprised of 1416 pcs and aimed as a Lego Icons set. As an expansion to this fall scene I would like to create and include foliage for spring/summer as well.

One of my favorite past times outside of building Lego is to hike and photograph waterfalls. I had the idea after recently hiking to my favorite waterfalls during my favorite time of the year to recreate in Lego for display in my home office.

I was also inspired after building the Lego Tranquil Garden set. I love having it on display in my office and I think the Majestic Falls would be an awesome set to display next to it.

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