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Small & highly detailed 4x4 car; the adventure can begin!

Hello everybody!

Thank you very much for coming to take a closer look to my set project; half of the work is already done. :)

Well, to this set:
I thought of the motto; “Every brick is finitio” to describe it best. Of course, there are a few exceptions. Some bricks are just there to produce the needed stability to fit with the high LEGO standards. But most of them are used more to provide an extra feature, than to fill up place. The details include a car brand (on the front and on the back), lots of lights (also at the top, don’t forget it’s an expedition car), two license plates (again, on the front and on the back), silver side air outlets (no place anymore for a true radiator grill), some rear-view mirrors, a footboard on each side, a bar on each side serving as a handle (It did principally exist as a matter of fact; cf. for example jeep Willys or Citroën van) and of course exhaust pipes. Quick to the minifigure; he doesn’t play such a big role in the set. I just took one out of my collection, but it could naturally be anyone.

The brand is supposed to be Mitsubishi, but I admit that some imagination is needed to recognize it. A sticker would probably be better, and to avoid license problems, Octan would fit also perfectly. An Octan expedition car; why not?

A pick-up version is imaginable as you see; you only need in that case to remove the part of the top.

As you see on this side view of the car, there are also doors and an opening roof. A cup of coffee for our thirsty expedition hero was, I found, a real “must”. :) He sits behind of the wheel of the car. You can’t see it, but it is a simple and standard piece.

Okay, for an expedition you need also to take some baggage; so here we are! What I put in it were only random choices, it could be anything. If you think that it has to be difficult to close or open it, you’re wrong! The little pieces do a remarkable job.

Here you can see the 4x4 in action; thanks to the excellent LEGO pieces of older days.

One finds finally, a picture showing the mini-figure outside of the vehicle, in order to provide the size of the whole car. For the initials printed on the license plates IF the set finished to be produced officially by The LEGO Group (=the chances for that are, as seen, extremely low…), they would obviously be mine.

Thank you to have read (almost?) everything, enjoy a last time the pictures and then just click easily and quickly the "support button" before going away.

I have one other Cuusoo project, don’t forget to check it out!

Thank you very much for your attention and your help.

Greetings from France,


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