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Martian Tripod


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This is my idea of what the martian tripods from H. G. Wells' well known story The War of the Worlds. This was one of the earliest science fiction stories ever written. The martians used these for fighting and moving around in Earth's high gravity. They were nearly indestrectible (for the weaponry of the Victorian Era anyway). Only two (for memory) were destroyed by the humans.

There were no images of the tripods in the story itself (there was, of course, the cover illustration, but that didn't look like the descriptions that were given throughout the books) so I had to design this from the vague descriptions given throughout the books. There are a total of 7 limbs which consist of:

a heat ray,

3 arms (one of which is holding the tube to launch canisters of poisonous gas,

and of course 3 legs.

The hood opens and has room for one martian in it. It can also swivel 360 degrees. The knees have "stoppers" to prevent them from collapsing.

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