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F1 Race Track and Paddocks


Added TV zone, after race interview room and other details

To make project more realistic I added, behind the podium, a room for the after race interview with drivers. Near the racetrack I also added a zone for the TV with a rotating-tilting seat for cameraman and a satellite network to transmit.
As minor revision I changed the fuel tubes using flexible hose to make them more realistic, added some studs on the paddock to attach minifigs. I tried also to add some "stickers-idea" on the panels above the podium.
All changes should be visibile in the project main page after LEGO approve changes.
Thank you to all supporters =D =D


Some improvements and more details

With this update I redesigned the ramps on the racetrack made them wider to match whole track, changed some parts used in the pitlane and I also added more details on the racetrack.
I just publish here a short preview because I cannot edit the main project images yet, so I will publish whole set of images in a couple of weeks when I can edit the project.

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