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F1 Race Track and Paddocks


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By a motorsport fan and inspired by '80-'90s LEGO sets I built and played with when I was a child, I created a F1 race track with cars, paddocks, podium, race commentary rooms and pilots interview room.
Near the racetrack I put a rised platform with space for each team to view race timings and statistics and to show information to the driver. There's also a dedicated TV zone with rotating-tilt cameraman platform.

For this project I decided to use new LEGO road plates that give me a lot of freedom to add details like start line, car positioning lines on the race track, team color square on the ground of each team-box and pitlane markers. In addiction to it I was able to add studs on pitlane so you can attach mechanics minifigs working on each car.
I tried to keep this compatible with old road plates (32x32 studs) so the width of the racetrack plus paddocks is equals to 2 road plates. This make easy to integrate into existing layouts.

I'm a fan of large and expandable sets so I designed this with modularity in mind: the racetrack can be easily detached from paddock, each team-box can be detached from others (I used the modular-buildings pin sistem to connect) and its roof is removable and can be easily swapped with another one. This give you the ability, for example, to reposition the podium and other elements or create new one by yourself.
I'm also working on the grandstands and seats for the public to be added near to the race-track.
To add more details I also tried to imagine some stickers to be applied on the podium top panels with the track map and some sponsors.

Modularity also will help in case the project will reach 10000 supporters but turn out it has too many pieces: LEGO can choose to design each part as separate sub-set (the race-track, one for yellow car, one for blue car and another one with black and red cars plus the podium).

I hope you enjoy my project!

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