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Mini Chinese Palace


The Mini Chinese Palace is, well a mini Chinese palace. It has a designed based on my research on historical Chinese buildings. The palace roof has the curved angle of a post and lintel roof. This style was common in ancient Asia, specifically in ancient China and Japan. There are a lot of sharp-angled arches surrounding the outer part of the structure and there are bushes out front. But there is no interior detail, seeing as it is miniature. The front and back of the palace are symmetrical as are the two side walls. I got my inspiration after watching the movie Kung Fu Panda 3 with my family. I then decided to go and research ancient Chinese culture and, one thing lad to another, and I created my Mini Chinese Palace.

I think that this would be a great set to build for decoration or for fun. It isn't too hard too build, but it isn't too easy either, even though the set is only 248 pieces. A lot of research and thought has been put into this Lego set and I think it would be fun to build. I would be great gift for birthdays and holidays. And it is small enough for office desks and bedside tables. I feel that the Mini Chinese Palace is a great set and I hope it can become a reality.

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