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Creepy Cottage

“Come in, come in! It’s a good thing you found my cottage, these woods are filled with dark and dangerous things. Take some food and warm yourself up by the fire for a while… What did you say? You hear a noise from the cellar? No, I don’t hear anything at all. Must have been a mouse. Why don't you just have a cup of cider and get some sleep? I’ll take care of everything…”

This build was inspired by fairy tales where the house in the woods isn't quite what it seems. It looks inviting from the outside, sitting on a rock with vines climbing the walls and a spiral stair leading up to the door. On the inside, there's a full table, roaring fire, and a nice, warm bed - everything a witch might need to lure in a tired traveler.

Through the trapdoor, the cellar is much less cozy. The shelves are full of books and other witchy essentials and the cauldron is ready to bubble. The witch's pet imp keeps watch over everything, including her last guest who's still hanging around while he waits to find out what will happen next.

Getting the cottage to look like a nice little home while filling the cellar with spooky things was a lot of fun, which I think is one of the most important parts of any build. Thanks for checking this out, as always, I'm looking forward to seeing what people think in the comments.

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