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Lucas The Spider


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"When I grow up, I want to be the most buildable spider."

Lucas the Spider is a really, really, really, really cute, beyond adorable little YouTube series that I really want a LEGO set of. Who wouldn't want a cute, little, LEGO spider named Lucas beside their bed? Who knows, maybe this set could rid you of your fear of spiders.

The LEGO model is fairly small, about the size of your fist, and comes with a little sign beside it. I know that the set doesn't seem to come with much but, the more supporters we get, the more things I will add to it. You can see the milestone list at the bottom of the description.

This build contains 124 LEGO elements and is probably the most adorable thing you've ever seen, aside from the real Lucas the Spider. Thanks goes to @Monkey Scout No.2 for helping me render this model. He did a great job and deserves a lot of credit for making this product idea look great. Please support this Idea so that it may become a set. Thanks!

Support Milestones: (100- Lucas' Harp and extra eyes/ 1000- Finley the Fly/ 5000- Lucas' friend catcher/ 10k- Maybe a real LEGO set.)