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Lucas the Spider


Build Your Very Own Lucas!

The link below is a quick 5-minute video on how I built Lucas the Spider! Credit goes to @Monkey Scout No.2 for editing this video and getting it ready before 12 PM. XD

And yes... Findley will be out soon!


I Made a Physical Version of Lucas!

Here are 4 photos of the physical copy of my Lucas the Spider product idea! Enjoy!

Oh, and don't worry. I'll have Findley out in a jiffy!


Soooooo Close

Findley the Fly is ready! All we need now is a couple hundred more supporters! How do we do that? Please share this idea around. Perhaps with your friends or on any social media, you might have. It would be super helpful!
Here is a peek at the new update!


Lucas gets a harp!

Thank you guys for all of the kind support!

Here is the second part of the update:

This was really what the closed eyes were for but, I guess you can still use them to make him look like he is sleeping. I hope you enjoy the new update!


We Hit the First Milestone and Lucas Just Got Cuter!

Thanks to everyone who've supported this project, we have made it to the first milestone: 100 supporters!

Here is a preview of the new update:

Now you can make Lucas look like he is sleeping! Why not try multiple combinations of his new closed eyes and his opened eyes to make different facial expressions? This is only one part of the first update, so keep your eyes peeled for the next one. Thanks for supporting! :)

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