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GLADOS - Poseable Figure with Display Stand


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Welcome to my MOC of the Aperture Science Enrichment Centre’s GLADOS! Before we test, some background. GLAODS is the main antagonist in the hit game series, Portal. She leads the game’s hero, Chell, through a series of sadistic test environments whereby Chell must use portals to manoeuvre through the levels, solve puzzles and survive. The latest addition to the Portal franchise was the official Lego® Dimensions Portal level pack, bringing GLADOS squarely into the Lego® universe.

The GLADOS Model

GLADOS is a poseable display figure with articulated neck and head, as well as the capability to turn about her anchor. She comes complete with detachable stand and single-pin lock, so you can easily add her into your own test environments! She also has plenty of detail on her back, underside and her anchoring section, making her look truly integrated into any environment you build for her.

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