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GLADOS - Poseable Figure with Display Stand


Major Updates

Great news! GLaDOS has had an awesome makeover. Checkout the short video now, and please share and support.

She has a greatly improved shell with better curves and inset line in the back. Her inner structure is now more accurate and stronger, with added detail and cabling.

I also improved her head, streamlining the outer surface.

She also has a new stronger, cooler stand with reminiscent of GLaDOS waking up in Portal 2. The stand has vegetation around aged parts of the stand, a panel with light bars and new plaque design.

The stand also has an improved latch - now GLaDOS locks in securely, rotates and is easier to remove so you can place her in your creations!

Finally, here's a shot of GLaDOS with Chell for scale. Enjoy, and please share and support.


Thank you

A huge thank you to all you project supporters and followers for helping GLADOS reach over 150 votes and for many fantastic comments!

Please keep sharing GLADOS with your friends and fellow Portal fanatics to help her become a reality.