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Eenola - Brickheadz Style


I'll be back.

Hey there! 

Thanks to everybody who supported this first attempt here. 

I'll be back. And I hope you'll be there again too :-) 


When they meet. :-)

my all-time favorite toys family picture. With the VF-1S by Daikoncat, and the 1/6th scale Snow Corp. version of Eenola. :-)


Here's Foxy!

Hi, it's been a few weeks now. I've been busy with the instagram review and moving. 
I'm finally back on the legos :-) (the past three weeks feel like an eternity)
So Here's Foxy! 

Hope you'll like it! Oh, and please, help me gathering support around you too! :-) 

Thank you very much!


Working on the promotion of the project

Hi, I'm working on a series of pictures on the various technics I use to create Eenola now.
The all thing will be on my instagram soon (I think), but I wanted to tease it here first. :-) 
I hope you'll like the pictures. :-) 
I'll be back here soon for nice renders of the Fox!

Oh, and my Patreon profile is active ->


New Portrait

Cause I can't update the frontpage of the project (maybe after the first 60 days? I don't know.. Anyway, I'm here in the updates ;) 
New glorious shot! (it took time to arrive, with the login problems here, and I wanted to do another one about the mask befre, but didn't had the time to do new renders in the last days.
But hey, here she is :-) !! 


The animals

I've spent a lot of time thinking about the rabbit, before starting the build. 
I think it was the key element that troubled me for months.. 
But I'm pretty happy with the result :-) 


the fox was build totallly in the moment. I had absolutely no Idead on how to make it, or where to fix it, or if it really needed to be a separate accessory. But as the "dead fox being carried around" represents me as the creator of Eenola, I decided to even give him some life back in LEGO, with his separate stand. 
There will be a special update all on him, his stand, hte possibilities of adding extras accessories to him, etc.. :-) 


Tubing details

So here are some details about how the tube is fixed.  Apparently (cause I'm no expert, but didn't find any infos about it anyway), there's no 'flex' tool on so no pretty renders on these ones.
(oh, and the 'nose' is not the latest one on these)


A bit more on me, the builder :-)

Hi, for people who don't know me, I'd like to present myself and Eenola.
I live in France. I'm  30+ years old and work as a freelance artist since 2001, mostly with independent musicians and filmmakers. You can discover more of my other work on 
But I can't work like that anymore since I got sick and diagnosed with Crohn's disease last year.
Besides that, Eenola is my main personal project which drives me from the start. The first film I've made about her was in 2005 (it's still online, but hidden somewhere, cause it's kind of a major spoil to the end of the story :-) ). The second one (AFYA) took 5 years to make and has been released publicly in 2015 (the first release was the same day as Mad Max Fury Road in Spring 2014) and can be watch on YT or 
So now I can't go back filming in the desert and make better or longer films, but can't stop keeping Eenola alive.
I'm also a LEGO fan since childhood, and a casual builder (I have no home, so my sets are all sadly back in parts in their boxes). I'm also a vivid supporter of the LEGO Ideas concept and what eventually comes out of it. I'm always amazed about the positivity and support shown by the community and would be proud to be part of it. 

In the next days, I'm gonna show more screens of the build, the tube's attachment, the building and playablity of the fox, and more... :-) 
In the meantime, here are some more of her :) 


Launch day and future

I will still work on the model while gathering support, as I get new ideas for optimization and streamlining.

So, for the first one, it's the head of the spear that has been troubling me since I'm finished with all the renderings. 
I had one other design before taht wasn't satisfying, and I thought the second one was cool, but by watching it more and more, it began too feel weird and not "spear-like" enough. So I brought back the part I liked about the first design, and the fixing method os the fur and feather of the second one. Now I think it got back the dynamism it lacked for a few days :) 

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