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Stitch is back and better than ever! Having achieved 10,000 supporters with the first version of Stitch, I wanted to redesign a few things and make some improvements. I love the character of Stitch and I was delighted that so many people supported him before. 

Stitch is highly poseable. With 13 points of articulation he can truly capture the character and personality of Lilo's lovable blue 'dog'. He would make a great addition to anyone's ohana with all the cuteness and charm and absolutely no destruction and mayhem. The overall design is quite simple making it perfect for kids and adults to build. At 7 inches tall he'd be right at home on a desk at the office or in a kid's room. The ball joints and hinged elements make him easy to change from one pose to another. The design also has the option of adding Stitch's extra set of arms and antennas. 

Ohana means family, and family means nobody gets left behind, or forgotten. So don't forget to vote and make Stitch a part of the LEGO ohana. 

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