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Greek Trireme


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This is a model of an ancient Greek Trireme. This model is intricately detailed and has many historically accurate features. The model includes 9 spartan hoplites, outfitted with shields swords and spears. It also includes the classic painted face and eyes on the front of the ship. Also on the front is a rammer meant for smashing into the sides of enemy ships, sinking them, or immobilizing them by snapping their long oars. The boat has a rowers deck, though no rowers are included, and a lower deck with barrels for food storage. The trireme also has removable sails. The Greeks would remove them when going into battle, so I thought it would be an interesting feature to add. This set also has wheels on the bottom of it that slightly protrude out the bottom so that the boat can easily be slid around for play.
There is not an abundance of ancient themed LEGO sets, so I think this would be a great addition to LEGO’s ever growing repertoire of sets. I personally love Ancient Greek culture, so I would love if it was sold in stores by one of the greatest toy producers in the world. I believe that this would be bought and loved by not only people who enjoy ancient culture but those who simply like boats or think that it looks awesome.



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